September 2011

- The inclusive design research China has received a grant to conduct Inclusive Design Innovation research for the Ageing Society.
We welcome two new members to the Research Group.

August 2011

- We presented the paper ‘Visualising Ergonomics Data for Design” at the International Conference on Engineering Design ICED2011, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen on the 18th August 2011.

July 2011

- Abdusselam Selami Cifter received his PhD degree on the 20th July from Brunel University. His PhD dissertation is entitled 'An Inclusive Approach towards Designing Medical Devices for Use in the Home Environment'.

June 2011

- DataMIX – a visual book about data visualisation has published. It is freely downloadable from

May 2011

- Inclusive leisure chair designed by Yulu Chen (College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University) won two prizes (EuroStands Design Award and China Bridge Innovation Award) at the D&I's Graduation Show.

April 2011

- Alldesign special Issue on Inclusive Design has published.
Inclusive Design Research Group members presented three papers at the Include2011 Conference, three papers at the Human Factors and Ergonomics 2011.

March 2011

- The Inclusive design Research Group will run a multi-stakeholder co-creation workshop on Inclusive Bus travel. A wide range of participants are invovled including; bus drivers, older people, wheelchair users, blind and parially sighted passengers, passengers with learnnig difficulties, representatives from TfL, Dial-a-Ride, local council, bus companies and designers
The Inclusiev Design Research Group is on Facebook.

February 2011

- Three focus groups will be held with various stakeholders of The Inclusive Bus Travel project in Hillingdon. The research team will look into issues of three main stakeholders; Bus service providers, Service users and Non-users.
We have launched our weekly newsletter IDR (Inclusive Design Research).

January 2011

- Commisioned by London Borough of Hillingdon, The Inclusive Bus Travel Project has started. This project will run in three stages throughout six months and aims to assess and improve inclusivity and access in Hillingdon public bus service.

-Our memebers will edit the special issue on inclusive design for the Chinese design magazine ALLDESIGN spring issue

December 2010

- New Inclusive Design Website launched.
(Trial Period)

November 2010

- We presented three papers at the 3rd International Conference for Universal Design in Hamamatsu, Japan.

October 2010

- Inclusive Design Research China established.


Inclusive Design Research® is an interdisciplinary, international design and research network. Its research groups are currently based in the UK (London) and China (Shanghai). Our aim is to promote inclusive design to the largest audience possible through academic and applied research, education, public engagement, and knowledge transfer to industry.